Patented Gern Pipe

The Gern-Pipe is a patented exhaust design, which has been licensed by URGE Designs. The Gern-Pipe’s key design feature is an Expansion Chamber  that provides enhanced scavenging benefits similar to those seen with 2 cycle motors.  The size, shape and placement of the expansion chamber is tuned to improve the F20/22C notoriously torque deficiencies between 3500 to 6000 RPMs.  The Gern-Pipe provides 5-25 ft-lbs of torque gains compared to the stock exhaust system and 5-12 ft-lbs compared to test pipe.

Gern-Pipe vs Test Pipe vs Stock

Gern Pipe Full & Quick Tune vs Berk HFC full tune on 2.3L 260 WHP

All Gern-Pipes have integrated HFC’s to reduce emissions and improve sound characteristics.   Dyno testing has shown that there is no measurable benefit in torque or power by removing the integrated HFC.  The dyno results shown above were made with the HFC installed in the Gern-Pipe.   Therefore, URGE designs has chosen to include a catalytic converter in all of our Gern-Pipes to promote environmental responsibility. We believe this will be a growing trend in the future, since racing series such as Super GT and Endurance Racing require Catalytic Converters.   Note, this system is not OBII emissions legal.

Reduced Drone Acoustics

Another issue the S2000 Exhaust are notorious for is Mid Range Drone.  A side benefit of the Gern Pipe’s Scavenging pulse is it is acoustically reflecting the sound in that 3500-6000 RPM range which significantly reduces drone at those typical highway cruising speeds.

Customer Exhaust Options

The core Magic of the Scavenger System is the Patented Gernpipe and thus the muffler and exhaust system is not critical to the extreme mid range gains.  Thus, You, the customer has the option of how you want to complete your set up.

  1. Integrate into your current exhaust system into the Gernpipe
  2. Building your own exhaust system
  3. Choosing URGE turnkey Dual or Single Exhaust systems

Dual Exhaust

Customer Integration with OEM Exhaust

Customer Self Built Single Exhaust

Scavenger Reviews

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URGE Scavenger Gern-Pipe


  • Gernby Designed & Patented, Header back Mid-Pipe
  • S2000 tuned Expansion chamber 4000-7000 RPM
  • High Flow OBD I, Heavy Metal Catalytic Converter (off road use only)
  • V-Clamp adjustability

URGE Scavenge Gern-Pipe Options

  1. Standard Version with internal baffling
  2. STR Rule Interpretation with expansion chamber starting with in 6” of OEM Cat

URGE Dual Exhaust V3


  • Dual 2.5” Ultralight re-buildable mufflers
  • 3” Turndown tips with natural finish

If you'd like to purchase this part or have any questions, please email us and a consultant will follow up to ensure you'll get exactly what you're looking for.