Karcepts Anti Roll Bars


 The key to any good suspension is balance.  Balancing both sides of the car so they work together to provide a stability under all conditions; braking, pre apex, apex or post apex and acceleration.  For example, you would never only install performance dampers at the front of the car or swap high stiffness springs at the rear.  So why would you upgrade just one anti roll bar?  Anti-roll bars should be upgraded in pairs.

S2000 Balance Issues

The S2000 has few known balance issues including tendencies to snap oversteer and having a high front roll center cause the front of the car to roll over on itself.  Both of these balance issues worsen with typical performance modifications.

Increasing front wheel width is the best performance improvement you can make.  You really cannot have too much front tire which has been proven on the fastest S2000s.  The front tires take apply most of the braking and all of the steering.  Even high rear weight distribution and RWD prototype and GT race cars typically run the same front and rear wheel width.  The front tires are the defining limit of overall grip.   However, increasing front tire size can have a noticeable increase in oversteer on the S2000.

Coil over upgrades usually lower of the car which raises the front roll center.  You could raise the suspension back to OEM height with adjustable coil over, you would be missing out on center of gravity and aero benefits. Roll center adjusters do help, but still do not provide optimal roll prevention need at the front of the car.

Based upon S2000 balance issues, lowering the car high performance suspension, increase front end grip, the ideal anti roll bar balance for the S2000 would be a significant increase in front anti roll bar stiffness with a mild softening at the rear.



 With a strategy of significant increase in the front anti roll bar and mild softening at the, the next question is by exactly how much?  Well that depends on your suspension, damper valving, spring rates, aero, ride height, roll center adjusters, wheel and tire width, tire compounds and most importantly driver preference.  So why would you ever install an anti roll bar that is not adjustable?  Why would you only put one on that has 2 or 3 adjustments, when you can have 6?

Best in ClassThis is why we have chosen to exclusively offer the Karcepts anti roll bars.  Karcepts anti roll bars provide the optimal increase front stiffness and rear softening options.  Once we have helped you decide on a front rear bar to par with a rear bar, you can fine tune your set up based upon your car modifications and set up.

Front Anti Roll Bar Installation Instructions

Stiffness Ratings based upon Puhn Calculation

Front Bar Recommendations

Answer these Questions?

  • Stock Roll Center?
  • >1” Lower Ride Height?
  • 9”+Wide Front Wheels?
  • 10”+ Wide Front Wheels?

If you answered yes to this many questions we recommend the following..

  1. 120-0.188” thickness
  2. 188”-0.250” thickness
  3. 250”-Solid Bar

Solid Bar to 1.375”


Karcepts Front Anti Roll Bar


Karcepts Rear Anti Roll Bar


    • Billet aluminum arms FEA optimized for strength and weight
    • Quick adjustment via a single wrench
    • Finite adjustments with no possibility of slippage
    • Solid bar mounts with zero deflection improving feel
    • Low friction, maintenance Ffee & dirt resistant polymer bearings
    • Heat treated, plated steel & PTFE lined end links
    • 6-(Front) and 7 (Rear) adjustments, adjustable while car is on ground
    • 1.25” (32mm) Front & 0.875” (22mm) Rear diameter Splined Steel Center bar

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