Your brakes can only stop as fast as your front tires allow.  The pad/rotor friction determines if you can get to that tire limit and how well you can control to that limit.  After that, your brake system’s job is to repeatedly control to that limit indefinitely without failing.  Every part of the Essex Bespoke brake kit was designed to take abuse – REPEATEDLY.  Nothing is failure proof, but there is not another S2000 brake system that can take as much abuse while significantly reducing unsprung and rotational weight.

Forged Aluminum 4 Piston Calipers

The Essex Custom Brake kit uses AP Racing CP8350 calipers with S2000 specific bore sizes. The front piston are 41mm and rears are 38mm, providing ~7% larger surface area than the OEM piston.  This slightly reduces ABS engagement, which is a good thing on the track but it is still available if you lock up in adverse conditions.  The AP Racing CP8350 calipers are the same model used in ARCA/SCA, ASA, PASS and SRL late model racing series as well as a European rally car.  No other S2000 brake kit uses a caliper that has anywhere near the racing pedigree as the AP Racing CP8350.  These are not the same AP racing calipers used in other AP racing kits.

The CP8350 caliper has some other track focused features that other calipers are missing.  Even with high temp brake pads and thick rotors, it is still easy to fade brakes by passing heat through the caliper pistons and into the brake fluid causing it to boil.  Oddly, other caliper pistons are aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity transferring heat from the back of the pad directly into the brake fluid.  The CP8350 caliper uses steel pistons, which are 15X less thermally conductive than aluminum.  Additionally, the CP8350 has a 4 lb. anti-knockback spring that keeps the pistons extended.   Knockback occurs during heavy cornering that can cause the pistons to recess into the caliper, upon the next braking application you perceive a lack of brakes.  This is simply corrected by tapping the brakes again, but imaging thinking about that while racing on the track.  What if your second tap put you past your braking zone?

32mm Thick, 60 Vane, Floating Rotors

Lets get this out of the way up front; yes these rotors are only 299mm, the same diameter as OEM.  If you are really worried that this is not a BIG brake kit, these are the same rotors that are used on late model track cars with 500 HP, weigh 2800 lbs and slam on their brakes every few seconds around short tracks.  If your track S2000 doesn’t make significantly more than 500 HP, these rotors can handle it.  URGE designs specifically choose the 299mm AP Racing CP3862 rotors due to their racing pedigree, anything larger would add unessesary weight.

The main reason why these rotors can handle 500 HP is that they are 32mm wide, which is 28% wider than OEM and 14% wider than other performance rotor.   If you take away the thickness of the rotor surfaces, this translates to a 25-50% wider air gap as seen below.   The wider gap pulls a larger volume of air through the vanes cooling them quickly.  Additionally, these rotors have 60 vanes, 3X as many as OEM and 20-50% more than other brake kits.  The higher vane count provides more surface area to transfer heat from.  Despite their smaller diameter, the design of the CP3862 provides better heat dissapation than larger rotors.

Also, the AP Racing CP3862 rotors are mounted on a full floating hat, allowing thermal expansion reducing stress that causes warping and cracks, leading to rotor failure.  This rotor and hat design has been proven to last track seasons vs sessions in other Essex brake kit applications.  Additionally, the CP3862 rotor uses proprietary AP Racing metallurgy, further resisting cracks at the atomic level.  Just like every dynamic part on the car, not all materials are the same and they do make a difference.  Finally, the patented AP Racing J Hook pattern on the rotors amplifies pad feel by maximizing leading edges and distributes surface heat better than straight slots or drilled holes.

~14 lbs total weight reduction

Each caliper weighs 4.8 lbs vs 10+ lbs for OEM, reducing unsprung weight by nearly  ~11 lbs.  The rotors with custom floating hats weigh 13 lbs vs 14.4 for OEM, saving another ~3 lbs of unsprung and rotational weight.   The combined 14 lbs of total weight reduction is a significant and will improve both handling and acceleration.   Another reason we chose a rotor size of 299mm over 325mm is for a weight savings of up to 5lbs per rotor, increasing unsprung and rotational weight.

Reduced Track & Operating costs

Two common problems that keep S2000s in the pits and off the track are cracked rotors and changing pads.  The Essex Bespoke brake kit address this by using AP Racing CP8350 calipers that accept a 20mm pad in a common shape, providing more pad options and reducing costs.  20mm is 20-60% thicker than typical pads, significantly reducing replacement intervals and over the long run, pad costs.  Additionally, the thicker pads have more thermal capacity further reducing fade.

Essex designed a full floating hat to pair with the CP8350, which will significantly reduce cracked rotors that plague frequently tracked S2000.  Essex purchases the AP Racing CP3862 rotors in high volumes due to the number of professional racing series that use them.  When you finally do need to replace a rotor due to wear, they only cost $158 to replace.  The CP3862 rotor is by far the most cost effective 2-piece rotor on the market and in the same price range as expensive 1 piece rotors.  If you factor in multiple 1 piece rotor replacements or expensive 2 piece rotor replacements, thin brake pads, lost track time due to changing cracked rotors, worn pads or simply waiting for your brakes to cool in the pits, the Essex Bespoke brake kit could pay for itself in a relatively short amount of time.

The Essex Bespoke AP Racing brake kit is a thoroughly designed system designed to eliminate fade, increase durability, reduce maintenance, reduce tracking costs and reduce unsprung and rotational weight.

Confirmed Wheel Fitments via members

(Wheel Clearance Template) 

  • URGE designed CCW 18x 9.5, 10.5 & 11
  • 949 Racing 17x9 +48
  • 949 Racing 17x10 +52
  • AP1 Front or Rear (20mm Spacer)
  • Advan RSII 17x10 +50 (Evasive Spec)
  • Advan RZII 17x10 +50
  • Advan R SII 17x9.5 + 25
  • Advan RG III 17x9.5 +45 (5mm Spacer)
  • BBS LM 17x9 +42
  • Enkei NT03 17x9.5 +44/38
  • Enkei RFP1 17x8 +45 (3mm spacer)
  • Enkei RFP1 17x8 +50
  • Enkei RFP1 17x9 +45 (25mm spacer)
  • Kosei 5R 17x9 +62 (3mm spacer)
  • Kosei K8R 17x9 +62 (3mm spacer)
  • TSW Interlagos 17x9 +63 (10mm spacer)
  • Volk CE28n 17x7.5 +43 (10mm spacer)
  • Volk CE28N 17x8.5 +30
  • Volk CE28 17x8.5 +40 (10mm spacer)
  • Volk CE28 17x9.5 +40
  • Volk CE28N 17x9 +63 (10mm spacer)
  • Volk CE28 18x9.5 +22
  • Volk CE28N 18x9.5 +40
  • Volk CE28 17x10 +44
  • Volk G2 17x9 +40 (5mm spacer)
  • Volk TE37 17x9 +22
  • WedsSport TC105N 17x9 +35
  • WedsSport TC105N 17x9 +49 (1 mm spacer)
  • WedSport SA72 17x9.5 +47 (3mm spacer)

Essex AP Racing Brake Kit - URGE spec


(Pads not included)

  • Forged, lightweight AP Racing CP8350 Calipers
  • Essex Custom Mounting Brackets
  • 299mm J-Hook AP Racing CP3862 Rotors
  • Essex Custom Floating Hats w/ Spring Clips to reduce noise (new for 2014)
  • Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake lines

Replacement Rotor Rings


  • 299mm AP Racing CP3862 rotor with proprietary AP Racing metallurgy and patented J Hook pattern

AP Racing CP8350 Brake Pad Options

$ Pricing varies – Contact for exact price

(# Streetable/ low speed track)

  • Project Mu – HC+#, Club Racer, 999
  • Ferodo – DS2500#, DS3000, DSUNO
  • Carbotech – AX6#, XP8, XP10, XP12, RP2
  • CL (Sintered) – RC6, RC8
  • Endless – MX72# & ME20
  • AP Racing – S100# or C300
  • Hawk – DTC-70, DTC-60, Blue MT-4, Black, HP+#

Brake fade…well it wasn’t there. My first lap out was like the last. The AP rotor is significantly thicker compared to stock, not to mention the # of cooling vanes. The rotors never over-heated, even with my supercharged setup. With the brake situation resolved, I could spend my time worrying about other things. - 99SH

2006 S2000, Supercharged ~350 whp, 275 NT01 square on 17x10

The Urge Designs AP kit had the same consistent feel from the first stop to the last stop of the weekend after nine 20-minute sessions. I dropped my fastest laptime from 1:30.3 to a 1:28.1. Pad wear was surprisingly minimal.

A few additional notes.
These brakes kick butt. - GEARHEAD

TT2 S2000, 369 whp, 2760 lbs with driver

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